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Policy Cabinet

  Please note - paper copies of policies are available from the school office.

Policy Description Link
Accessibility Accessibility Plan: how all pupils can access the curriculum

Accessibility Plan 2016-19

  Accessibility Audit Accessibility Audit 2016-19


Admissions Appeals

How decisions are made on children's admission to the school

Information for parents on how to appeal a decision regarding admission

Admission Policy 2020-2021

Anti-Bullying  Our policy and strategy to tackle and prevent bullying

Anti-bullying policy 2018-2019

Attendance Information for parents on the school's policy for pupils' attendance

Attendance and Punctuality Policy

Behaviour Expectations of the children at school, rewards and consequences.

Behaviour Management Policy 2018

Charging and Remissions Details of what we charge for (e.g. visits, clubs etc.)

Charging and Remissions Policy 2018

Child Protection and Safeguarding
How we keep children safe at school

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy updated March 2019

Potter Street Academy's Complaints Policy

PCLC Complaints Policy 2019-20

Curriculum Subjects and topics taught at Potter Street, what and when.  Viewable by year group or subject.

Curriculum Map 2018 - 2019

Data Protection

Our Data Protection policy

Data Protection Policy 2018-20


Our statement on equal opportunities

PCLC Equality Statement May 2018 - 19


How we promote and observe e-safety

E-Safety Policy 2019-2020

Freedom of Information

FOI Policy

PCLC Freedom of Information Policy 2018 - 20

Gifts and Hospitality Policy The PCLC's policy on gifts and hospitality

PCLC Gifts and Hospitality Policy 2018-20

Governors' allowances and expenses

 The PCLC's policy on reasonable allowances and expenses

 Governors' allowances and expenses 

Governors' Monitoring

Policy that sets out how governors monitor standards across the school

Governors Monitoring Policy 2016-2019

Governing Body - Structure PCLC Strategic Plan 2016-19

PCLC Strategic Plan, 2016-19



Local Governors' Register of Interests

Minutes of the Potter Street LGB Meeting held on Thursday 9th May 2019

Potter Street Local Governor's Register of Interests 2018-19

Potter Street LGB Minutes

  PCLC Trustees' Register of Interests

Trustees Register of Interests 2018-19

  PCLC Finance & Audit Committee Register of Interests

Finance Audit Committee Register of Interests 2018 - 19

  PCLC Members Register of Interests

Members Register of Interests 2018-19

  PCLC Articles of Association

PCLC Articles of Association

   PCLC Trust Directors' Report & Financial Statement 

PCLC Trust Directors' Report & Financial Statement 2017/18

  PCLC Scheme of Delegation

Scheme of Delegation April 2019

  PCLC Funding Agreement Passmores  Funding Agreement

 PCLC Supplemental Funding Agreement 

PCLC Central Funding Policy 2018-19

Health & Safety

Our group Health and Safety Policy                                        

Health and Safety Policy                                                     

Potter Street Academy is an inclusive community that aims to ensure that all pupils in our school are properly supported

First Aid Policy

Health & Safety Policy Summary 16-18

Health and Safety Policy 2018

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy 2019

Potter Street Academy First Aid Policy 2017-2020

New policy - 2018-19

Homework Policy 2018 -2019

Phonics and Reading

Other reading schemes in use: Oxford Reading Tree (for graded books going home) and guided reading groups to teach essential reading skills.

Oxford Reading Tree

What is Guided Reading

 Religious Education

 Our policy on religious education and collective worship

 Religious Education and Collective Worship


Taking care of children with special needs is an important part of Potter Street - follow this link to our SEN page

 Potter Street SEND Policy and Information Report 2019 - 2020

 Sex &  Relationships Education 

Our policy on what is taught in relation to the sex and relationships curriculum

Sex and Relationships Policy 2018

 Visiting Speakers

 All visiting speakers must comply with this agreement

Visiting Speakers Agreement

Whistle-blowing Policy

PCLC Whistle-blowing Policy

Whistle-blowing policy March 18

GDPR Documents

Data Subject access request Policy                                                   

Data Subject access request Proforma

Privacy Notice school Workforce 

Privacy Notice local Governors 

 GDPR Student privacy Policy

Data consent letter to Parents

Information Systems Policy

Data Subject access request Policy 

Data Subject access request Proforma

Privacy Notice School Workforce

Privacy Notice for Governors Volunteers and Trustees Policy

Student Privacy Policy Notice

Consent Letter

Information Systems Policy 2018


Policies and documents

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU regulation which replaces the 1995 Data Protection Directive. It determines how people's personal data is processed and kept safe, and also affects the legal rights of individuals with regards to their own data. 

To ensure we remain compliant with data protection law, we have updated a number of our policies and procedures and added some new ones. These include the Data Subject Access Request policy and Data Subject Access Request form, which you would need to complete when requesting copies of your own, or your child’s personal data. The form can be accessed and printed from the Data Subject Access Request link below. 

We’ve also devised a privacy notice for parents, students, and staff to ensure the procedures of our data collection and processing activities are transparent and demonstrate how we respect the data protection rights of individuals. These documents can be accessed from the links below. 

You should have received a form requesting your consent for us to take photographs of your child. Photographs of students may be used in the school’s prospectus, website, on display boards around the school or in press releases. If you have not received a consent form, please contact Student Services urgently. Unless we receive consent from you, we will not use your son or daughter’s photograph in any publication. 

If you wish to discuss any element of the General Data Protection Regulation or would like advice, please contact This email address is monitored by the Data Protection Officer, Tina Sparrow.  For general information about the GDPR please go to: