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Potter Street Academy

Potter Street Academy

Potter Street gets healthy and connects with others

Our children have taken part in a 'healthy lifestyle' week with our partner school, Purford Green Primary.

Activities included ‘The Mindful Mile’, a taste challenge - sampling different and unusual fruit and vegetables, increasing their physical fitness levels using pedometers to track their step count, and other activities linked to the schools’ health initiative, 'Five Ways to Wellbeing'. Taking time to reflect on things they are grateful for allowed the children to stop and take notice - an important part of being positive mentally. 


All adults and children thought about one person special to them that they would like to reconnect with and show their appreciation to, writing messages on hearts to pass to the special person. To mark the event, both schools met in their social bubbles on the school field, following over a year without meeting altogether and blew bubbles to represent connecting with others. 


Miss Smith, the Associate Headteacher of Purford Green commented: 'Being able to meet altogether in one place as a whole school community was quite emotional following the last year where we have been limited to being in separate bubbles. It was important to promote connecting with others to encourage everyone to think about others and the importance of people and relationships in supporting us, and how these can be a positive influence on our mental health and wellbeing. ‘