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Potter Street Academy

Potter Street Academy

Press Release - Potter Street Academy

New Year, New Families, New Curriculum Ideas

Fresh from the summer break after Potter Street Academy’s most successful year in its history so far, the Autumn term has got off to a positive start.

July  concluded with the news that children's test results at the school were in line with, or exceeded national averages in all subject areas for the very first time. But the celebrations didn’t stop there - when OFSTED visited in the same month, they confirmed what the school community already knew - that Potter Street Academy is a ‘Good’ school!

These successes and the recognition of strong teaching mean that the school has been able to plan an exciting and innovative curriculum for 2019/20. This introduces a new approach to children’s learning and well-being, whilst ensuring high quality teaching and learning continues.

Headteacher, Emma Bloomfield explained, ‘We believe every child should have amazing childhood experiences which they will remember for life. Every child will have the opportunity to take part in 65 life and learning experiences as they move through the school. From jumping in muddy puddles to watching a West End show, being a film producer to performing at the O2 arena, there will be a wide variety of exciting experiences for everyone’.

Along with these life-enriching experiences, the school will develop the core skills children need to help them be independent at each stage of life. Each year group has different goals and children will be encouraged to take part in the challenges as they move through the school. By the time they reach Year 6, pupils will be able to give a presentation to an audience, cook a simple meal and carry out basic first aid.  The school has also worked with its parents to identify a range of after school opportunities.  Clubs for football, rugby, science, art, gardening, karate and music lessons are all on offer to the children, to further enhance their school experience and develop necessary skills and attributes for life.