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Potter Street Academy

Potter Street Academy


Reception Class

Children All children are admitted full-time from September.   It is policy to phase in the attendance of children at the beginning of September in order to take account of the individual needs of children.  This means your child may not start school on the first day of term.  You will receive a letter informing you of the day your child will start. 

Each school has a published "number intended to admit” (NIA) in the Primary Education booklet, copies of which are available from Essex admissions team.  In the case of Potter Street Academy, the NIA is 30.  

Admissions Procedure 

All admissions must go through County Hall in Chelmsford.  An admission form (available at will need to be filled in and submitted online or by post to School Planning and Admissions).       At enrolment, you will be given a set of papers and asked to complete a registration card.  If previously educated at another school, we will contact them to request that relevant information and records be passed on to us. 

If an application is refused, parents do have a right to appeal. Information regarding admission appeals, including the appeals timetable, is available on the Essex County Council website: