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Potter Street Academy

Potter Street Academy


Starting in our Reception Class in September

At Potter Street Academy all children who will have their 5th birthday between September 1st and August 31st (i.e. during the next academic year) will start school in the Autumn Term on a phased introduction. 

Parents will be contacted by Essex County Council and asked to complete an Application Form, either on paper or online, and send it to Planning and Admissions at Essex County Council by the published closing date. Planning and Admissions will allocate all school places and parents will be offered a place on the published national offer date.

Mid-Year Applications

If your child is already at primary school and you wish to transfer him/her to Potter Street Academy, you should complete the Mid-Year Primary School Application Form (  The form is designed to help you find a school place for your child by using the Local Authority to search for school places on your behalf. Parents requesting admission to Potter Street Academy are encouraged to visit the school and meet the Headteacher before applying.

Once you have completed the form and sent it to School Planning and Admissions they will apply to all the schools you have listed. If there are less than 30 children in the year group for which an application is being made, and Potter Street Academy has no other children on their waiting list, the school will confirm with Planning and Admissions that a place can be offered. If there is a space available, School Planning and Admissions will offer you a place on behalf of the school by sending you an offer letter within 10 - 15 school days.

For further information please see our Admission policy.