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Potter Street Academy

Potter Street Academy

Learning Mentor Support for Pupils

Supporting your child’s wellbeing

Our Learning Mentor, Ms Hawkes, works with pupils to help them address emotional barriers to learning through supportive one-to-one relationships, small group work and/or whole class or school initiatives. 

This could include help with such things as low self-esteem, anxiety, anger, bereavement, mental health issues, friendship difficulties, bullying, peer pressure or family issues and concerns. Any pupil can visit Ms Hawkes in our Wellbeing Hub during break and/or lunch times.

Ms Hawkes helps pupils to develop their own coping strategies, which enables them to re-engage with learning, enhance their motivation, build their confidence and raise their aspirations and achievement, to be the best that they can be. 

Support is therefore predominantly given in class.


The Wellbeing Hub

Through the Wellbeing Hub, our Learning Mentor, offers an additional listening ear and safe space to talk, where any pupil or parent can find understanding and access to support, which is both effective and right for them, when they need it.

This is open every day to pupils at break/lunchtime and by appointment for parents. It can also be booked out by visiting professionals who are working with our family’s.

Located in the heart of the school, this dedicated, quiet space is well resourced with a variety of written support material and choice of calming, mindful activities eg colouring, lego, kinetic sand and puzzles. You can quietly read, chat with friends on the comfy sofa and beanbag or simply enjoy watching the birds outside in the nearby trees. Ms Hawkes is always available to talk to, helping children to manage and understand their feelings.