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Potter Street Academy

Potter Street Academy


Our recent OFSTED Inspection agreed with the school’s judgement that we are Good School.

In June 2019 the inspection team said:

  • The new headteacher and new deputy headteacher are passionate and ambitious for all pupils to do well
  • Teachers want to work in the school and are proud to be part of the team. Everyone works well together
  • The stimulating curriculum is a strength of the school.
  • The school is fully committed to providing equal opportunities for all pupils. Regular exciting visits enhance the learning opportunities for all pupils.  
  • The school’s caring and inclusive atmosphere fosters good relationships with pupils and their parents
  • Parents expressed views such as: ‘Potter Street Academy is a lovely school. The children are always polite and the staff are very helpful,’ and that their children ‘are happy, confident and can’t wait to go every morning’.    
  • Pupils are making good progress in reading, writing and mathematics. 
  • Well-trained and effectively deployed additional adults respond well to pupils’ needs
  • In the early years and key stage 1, the quality of teaching of phonics is effective
  • The teaching of reading across the school is good. Pupils told inspectors they enjoy reading
  • Stimulating activities support good learning and capture pupils’ keen interest across the curriculum
  • The school's work to promote pupils' personal development and welfare is good. Pupils show good attitudes to learning
  • Pupils have a good understanding of how to keep themselves safe through their awareness of personal and internet safety
  • The school has a strong transition programme in place. This ensures an effective start to learning in September and alleviates concerns about starting a new school or class during the summer break
  • Pupils behave well around school and in lessons. They listen to adults carefully, concentrate well and work hard. This results in a calm, purposeful learning environment. Pupils are polite and proud of their school. They are pleased to talk about their learning. 
  • Current Year 6 pupils are confident learners who can explain their learning competently. They are being prepared well for secondary school.
  • There is a rise in the proportion of children attaining a good level of development at the end of EYFS, this is due to strong teaching.
  • Leaders and staff in early years provide children with a safe, secure environment in which to learn and play

Alternatively you can access the OFSTED website by clicking here.